Agnes and myself are off to asia via St. Petersburg, Moscow before catching the transmongolian and arriving in Beijing on August 27th 2006. That's as far as the exact planning is at right now. Afterwards it'll be travel in China for a few weeks, down to South Korea and then back to China and hopefully reach Tibet. From there cross into Nepal, then India and then Southeast Asia, after that ..... ?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hong Kong post #4 - More temples

We visited the Yonghe Gong Lama Buddhist Temple in the north of Beijing, which seemed to be in quite good condition and amazingly enough only had minimal renovations in progress. It is a tourist attraction, but surprisingly there were more worshippers than tourists.

On every street one could see large groups of men gathered around two opponents of chinese chess - not a clue how its played´╝ü
The other big attraction in Beijing is the Temple of Heaven where animal sacrifices were made by the emperor for a good harvest. Again half of this site was under renovation, but it was full admission price as usual. The one section that was interesting was the Music Museum where one could try out various instruments


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